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Zehrs Markets, or simply Zehrs, is a Southeast Canadian supermarket chain. The chain has 43 locations and is part of Loblaw Company Limited. The first store was founded in 1950 by Emory Zehr and his sons in Kitchener. By 1995, the store's logo was red or orange, and it was stylized "Z" thick with two small lines.
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Zehrs Markets is a Canadian retail retail chain operating in more than 50 stores in Southern Ontario. This work was founded by Emory Zehr and his sons as a family-run shop in Kitchener, in 1950. This, in the first place, was primarily due to the development of business and the creation of new, larger stores.
Zehr Markets today covers various departments with bread, products, meat, fresh meat and seafood and fresh deli branches. Zehr Markets Flyer offers special deals for frozen foods from milk to grocery stores and offers more special offers through the supermarket's PC Plus program. food flyers toronto

PC Plus is a rewarding program that turns customers' grocery bill into another dollar. The program includes individual offers, flyer sales, bonus offers and in-store employment.


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